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Dmitry Ivanov

Dmitry Ivanov

Project coordinator. Created the basics of LdP. Created the lexicon.

"I am a psychologist by profession (graduated from St.Petersburg state university), but languages is my hobby throughout my whole life. I am a member of the International Coalition «For Humanism!» My another hobby is to compose verses and songs".

E-mail: l-d-p(a)

Anastasia Lysenko

Anastasia Lysenko

General linguistics, systematization. Preparation of educational materials.

"My speciality is linguistics. I believe it's my vocation, too".

E-mail: sunny.nai(a)

Elena Ivanova

Elena Ivanova

Site creation. General language theory questions. Spanish part of LdP.
E-mail: HelenitaDob(a)

Asya Vinogradova

Site localization into English. Arabic part of LdP.
ICQ#: 325-918-324
E-mail: asico84(a) или asico84(a)

Fo unitaa de Arda!
For the unity of the Planet!

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