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NNameHits averageHits total
1Lidepla lexikon7471,467,850
2Lingwa de Planeta7192,167,496
Catalog >1,4663,635,346

Recently updated dictionaries

NNameLast modified
1Lidepla lexikon3 July 2012
2Lingwa de Planeta22 August 2011

Last added dictionaries

NNameLast post
1Lidepla lexikon3 July 2012
2Lingwa de Planeta16 August 2009

Recent search queries

NSearch queryDictionaryCreated at
1desidiLingwa de Planeta18 November 2017
2deskovraLingwa de Planeta18 November 2017
3deskribaLingwa de Planeta17 November 2017
4might Lidepla lexikon17 November 2017
5OvercomeLidepla lexikon17 November 2017
6darkness Lidepla lexikon17 November 2017
7shine Lidepla lexikon17 November 2017
8of Lidepla lexikon17 November 2017
9swinamasu, swino, swininaAny17 November 2017
10purifiAny17 November 2017
11devinti; vintitulAny17 November 2017
12atenoAny17 November 2017
13soniAny17 November 2017
14batalnik, fobnik, pyannikAny17 November 2017
15safaraLingwa de Planeta17 November 2017
16QuarterLidepla lexikon17 November 2017
17MinuteLidepla lexikon17 November 2017
18HourLidepla lexikon17 November 2017
19safariLingwa de Planeta17 November 2017
20farka-neyLingwa de Planeta17 November 2017


NContact nameNumber of terms
1Dmitry Ivanov, Anastasia Lysenko9,625
2Dmitry Ivanov1,733
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